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Fashion Forward with SadBoy!

August 14, 2018

Hey Kawaii Lovelies! It's your girl, V. Kawaii!! Just posting about some of the awesome things to come with my social media! Some of you may not know about what I have been up to (aside from the convention scene because "Kawaii is always at a con"). We are working on developing our fashion line, online store, and my fashion blog. 


The fashion line will be jump-started with 300 Lolita-styled skirts, 30 designs, with five skirts that are XS, stretchable to an M, and five skirts that are L, stretchable to a 2XL. 80 of these skirts will be holographic, so please follow our Instagram for the confirmation launch post when they are up on the site. The skirts are sewn with a flexible garter band, and they also have pockets (every girl's favorite thing)! Your skirt purchase also supports lovely seamstresses from the Philippines, my home country. We will be working with fabulous cosplay models from there as well for modeling our apparel line.


The online store has been in the works for a year, with little progress. My life has been a big scramble and it is starting to wind down. I got out of a really bad relationship in May and I moved into my new place. My office is a wreck and convention life keeps me from properly putting things away at home. I am actually gone more than at home, and it is quite evident in my convention schedule (which you can find on the website)! I am trying very hard to get the photography studio ready so I can take pictures of products as soon as they arrive, before the con-scene eats them all up! That way, products can be pre-purchased and picked up at con! It will take a lot for me to get everything in, so thanks to all my Lovelies who have been so patient waiting for me! 


Lastly, my fashion blog. This year working the convention scene has been quite a trip. Aside from meeting a lot of awesome fans and making good sales, I have been getting a lot of compliments on my outfits. So, I decided to start a fashion blog -- of course! I love interacting with con-goers about J-fashion and just dressing up in general. This blog will be an even deeper connection with my Lovelies. I am planning to do some really awesome photo-shoots with my photographer, "SadBoy" Eddie Wilkinson. He is a skilled part-time photographer and car enthusiast (and also just a really chill dude). I will be updating further on this project once everything is in the works and figured out.


 Overall, convention life has been hard on me. Scheduling out my life months in advance, plus the amount of driving I have been doing, has been keeping me super busy. I am striving for improvement on the website and offering better shopping options for the Kawaii Lovelies out there. I'm always working to provide the cutest and best products I come across; you guys are always in my heart and mind when I am doing so. Only time will provide me the ability to do all of this and I thank you all for your time, love, and support.


You guys are the world to me! Stay Kawaii and be Inimitable! 




"SadBoy" Eddie Wilkinson IG:

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