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Inimitable Updates for the Summer!

April 26, 2018

Hey Kawaii Lovelies!!


Hopefully, Spring as been good for all of you! I have been working my tail-feathers off with my new team and this year we will be churning out more online content. This includes much needed updates to the website, more activity on our Instagram, a YouTube channel, and of course updates to our Facebook page. 


Honestly, since I have been doing this full time, it has been even harder for me to keep up with all the maintenance that my company needs. I am glad that I have finally started to hire help and I can see the improvements to the company in effect already. Currently, the company is in development of their various departments and updates will be more consistent and regular once everything comes together. 


Hopefully, by 2019, I will be able to have some employees doing my grunt work and I can focus on custom orders and handmade goodies! I am doing a major crafting session within the next few days and those new items will be photographed as soon as they are ready. I have been trying hard to expand the company and further specialize in all things floofy, cute, and adorable! 


Expect to see new products being uploaded within May - June 2018. Catch you at the con lovelies! (Con-coupons go up this week!) 


Truely Yours, V.Kawaii <3 

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