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Rainy Days. Slow Development.

August 16, 2017

Hey Kawaii Fans!


I know things have been changing really slowly on here. I am trying to keep up with everything in my life right now. Honestly, "adult-ing" can be so difficult. 


I'll be doing a few updates today. Adding some artist friends of mine on our Artists We Love page, as well as hopefully getting our convention schedule up on here. As of the moment, we have been announcing our convention schedules via Instagram. I am looking to still do that, but also have a page on the site for our official schedule. This would also allow me to make coupon codes for "Free Convention Pickup" and "Pre-Convention Purchase Discount". Please follow for updates on that!


Have you ever had the feelings of being stir-crazy and cooped up at home? I'm having the polar opposite of that right now. I am in-love with just being at home for the time being. It's been a great break from everything in the world. Stay beautiful, Kawaii Fans!



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