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V.Kawaii x SadBoy V.I.P. Race Car

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Photograher: Eddie Wilkinson (IG: somequeer)

Vroom! Vroom! Welcome to the start of V.Kawaii's fashion and kawaii lifestyle blog! This post has been overdue for quite a while, and I apologize for it! There have been a lot of things going on in my life that have set me back several months. However, I am catching up on them the best I can! We'll save the details for another blog post! Let's get racy with SadBoy's V.I.P. Race Car!

Eddie Wilkinson is a good friend I know though work. So, I decided to ask my dear photographer friend if he would let me take pictures with his awesome race car! He is sponsored by multiple local car shops in Des Moines, IA and he is always working very hard on his car. I love the style and how sophisticated it looks. It even has heart-shaped train handles in it, original from Japan! It is a true Street Shark! He gave me the opportunity to cruise around in it with him and the sound system is on point. I had a good time when the song "Nice for What" by Drake came on and he could tell I was jamming to it and cranked the volume up! V.Kawaii and SadBoy were definitely getting our jam on!

I had a really fun time with the shoot, aside from the glaring sun. The outfit I wore was also very comfortable and I felt it suited my personality well. I have always had a deep love for the brand Hot Topic and you guys will probably be seeing a lot of clothes from there on my blog. Holographic is very trendy right now, hence my choice of the holographic "Fresh" shirt. I tried to go for a cutesy racer girl look with my kawaii aesthetic. Hot Topic had an excellent buy one, get one free sale on their shoes and I jumped on it. You guys will be seeing a lot of these shoes throughout my blog posts. If you must know, the crazy pink-haired lady got ten pairs.

Here's what I wore for the shoot! Listed in order with starting with my featured "MUST HAVE" item!


- Black and Pink Unicorn Chain Mail Necklace ~ Handmade item from Lost Girls Traveling Emporium


The Lost Girls Traveling Emporium is one of my favorite booths I visit at any of the conventions I travel to. Not only do I feel lucky to own several of their products, but I am also close friends with them. Isabel "Style Geek" Morales is a very talented web designer ( and graphic artist. Her partner, Alex Billings, is a very talented and skilled chain mail artist! These two ladies always impress me with their dedication to the "on the road" convention lifestyle and I can relate highly with it. I feel very blessed to know them and be their friend. Please support them and check out their Facebook page as well as Isabel's website Style Geek!

- "KAWAII" Snapback ~ From Cosplay MooMoo

- Blackheart Beauty Unicorn Lip Magic Matte Creme

- Pink Faux Lip Ring

- Black and Sea Foam Green Cross Earring ~ Handmade item from MochiOni

Link to Jenelle "MochiOni" Instagram:

Additional shout out to Jenelle "MochiOni"! I love her style and "Kowai-Kawaii" (Spooky Cute) Style! Definitely a must check out as well! She specializes in her own designs and enamel pins! Sending you my love MochiOni! <3

- Fresh Rainbow Checkered Print Iridescent Inset Girls T-Shirt

- Black Leather Skirt ~ From Forever 21

- Above the Knee High White Stocking Socks with Black Bows

- Patent Double Buckle Tall Platform Boots

Thank you for checking out my first fashion blog post! I am looking to do more of these in the future so please keep a look out for it! My goal is to do two a month, but my Lovelies know how I can be a "Social Media Snail." I will be exerting effort to be more active online so please look out for me! Stay Inimitable, my Lovelies!

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