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Nautical Cornfields (Late Post)

Photographer: Eddie Wilkinson (IG: somequeer)

Hey Lovelies, it's V.Kawaii again! I had the opportunity to do another photo shoot with the amazing Eddie Wilkinson! In this shoot, we were trying to capture another essence of my personality. I instantly thought of going for a nautical look to complement my island girl personality. However, there is an inner Iowan farm girl in me as well, hence "Nautical Cornfields." I believe Eddie and I were able to capture the look very well and I had an awesome time doing it!

If you must ask, yes, I had a heck of a time getting into that flower field. I had an even harder time getting into that boat we found in town! Eddie and one of my local friends visiting me were surprised I had never noticed the boat before. Climbing into that thing was not easy, but getting out was an even bigger challenge. They also had a good laugh when I flopped around on the boat in the mermaid tail, like a fish out of water. We should have recorded it. Maybe the next time I have a shoot in it, I'll have my photographer film me flopping around for you guys! Glub! Glub!

Happiness blooms like flowers in a field. Sometimes your inner flower buds bloom early or late. Perhaps they bloom bigger on some days, and smaller on others. I've learned through my trials and tribulations in life that waiting for your true inner happiness to bloom can be a magical and beautiful experience. I deeply can relate my life to the life of blooming flowers in a field, throughout all seasons. The blessings of life come in spring where they sprout fresh, and the flowers get to kiss the sun and experience the excitement and nourishment of summer. Autumn then comes and life slows down a little until winter takes its grasp and it's all over. However, like a phoenix, spring comes again and life begins anew. I feel blessed to have experienced my happiness blossoming and dying, so I wanted to express that in a field of flowers.


Sorry guys, I am a bit biased. It is the Purple and White Heart Necklace I am wearing in this shoot. It is my must-have item because it belonged to my beloved late grandmother Lenore. She is one of the strongest women I have ever been graced to have known in my life. I try to carry myself strongly like her and always take the crashing waves of life's challenges head-on!

Here's the rest of what I wore!

-Two Banyanyan Hair Clips pinned onto a cat ear headband ~ From Hot Topic

-Nautical Pink Scarf with Black Anchors ~ Purchased from Clothes Mentor

-Ivory & Black Rockabilly Nautical Print Halter Dress ~ From Hot Topic

-Silver Heart Bracelet ~ Purchased from Clothes Mentor

-Leaf Earring and Silver Pearl Bow Earrings ~ Purchased from Clothes Mentor

-White and Pink Block Heels ~ Purchased on Mercari App

Thanks again, Lovelies, for checking out my second fashion post! I am having a fun time with these and I will be doing some special photo shoots while I am on my business trip in my home country, the Philippines! Please give us a follow to see those exciting updates! My heart can't be contained over it!

Keep on swimming and don't forget to give your heart a little time to bloom!

Yours Truly,

V. Kawaii


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