Not just artists that work with us, but artists we have met while traveling!

Inimitable Studios LLC is about being unique and true to yourself and your style. That being said, we wouldn't be true to ourselves without featuring all the great artists we have met along the way! Please check out their stores as well! Spread the love!

"Embrace yourself, be unique, be Inimitable."


Owner, Inimitable Studios LLC

Entrepreneur. Aquarian. Born year of the Water Monkey. Decoden Artist. Lolita Fashionista. Five years of experience in vending at various anime/gaming conventions. I do custom requests for Decoden and Lolita accessories. I travel around the America to various Anime and Video Gaming conventions advertising and selling our adorable merchandise! I am also the overall manager of Inimitable Studios, LLC. Contact me for any questions, concerns, and inquiries! 

*Original Character Art credited to Buhain S. ((She's awesome, please check her out!!))


Graphic Artist, Buhain S.

Buhain S. is a teenage artist from the Philippines that specializes in digital art. As a young creator, Buhain S. looks forward to kickstarting creative projects (such as a future webcomic), and has opened commissions and a Ko-fi for financial support.

Contact Me Here:

Facebook: (Buhain S.)
Twitter: @buhains
Instagram: @buhains


Graphic Artist, LilyPOP

Brianna Weaver is a native Chicago artist with a passion for storyboard and illustration. Since childhood, she has been fascinated with animated films and television series with compelling themes, complex plot structure, and dynamic characters that immerse the viewer in a fantastic world of endless adventure. Naturally, she aspired to pursue a career in the entertainment industry as a Storyboard Artist.

Upon completing her degree in Studio Art, Brianna sought out to create a series that would inspire young women similar to shows and movies she watched growing up. Her series “Maya”, a supernatural yuri webcomic about a demigoddess who must spare her world from corruption and dominion, will now take life as an animated webseries.

Coupled with her passion for animation, Brianna also created a line of niche products known as LilyPOP. LilyPOP is an online retailer of delicious man candy covered in glitter riding on iridescent rainbow unicorns! Original handmade goods cater to various fandoms and current fashion trends with a fun and flirty twist including accessories, printed art, and body pillows. All products may be found at while “Maya” may be found at For videos and other fun stuff, check out Brianna’s Instagram @lilypopart and Tumblr


Black Candle Creations

Milwaukeean native Monica is setting out to create alternative and surreal jewelry inspired by both surreal art and Japanese fashions, though nothing is outside the realm of inspiration! Bones, beads, pastels, clays, and resins are all fair game to try and create art that is both easy to afford and easy for all sizes to wear!

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Illustrator/Graphic Designer, Byron B.

Born in the Philippines, Byron was raised in Houston until moving to El Dorado, AR. Recently, Byron graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Illustration. Byron started his venture into the internet art scene with a webcomic called Eyepatch-tan until he moved on to work on This Serious, a comedic Pokemon comic, and Skeleton in a Sweater on Tumblr. He’s currently the Art Director for an Advertising firm in Little Rock, AR called Cranford Co.


You can follow him on social media at;


Twitter: @yukaomatic

tumblr: byronb

instagram: byronkb


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